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WEB032718A Chapter Leadership Webinar - Chapter's Responsibility for Taxes and 990 Filings

March 28, 2018

Chapter Leadership Webinar - Chapter's Responsibility for Taxes and 990 Filings

WEB052318A Chapter Leadership Webinar - Chapter Finances - Best Practices

May 23, 2018

Chapter Leadership Archived Webinar - Chapter Budgeting 101 will go over best practices for chapters in financial planning. Thomas Atzenhofer, HFTP Global Chief Financial Officer will cover the Uniform System of Accounting for Chapters, along with establishing and maintaining bank accounts. Does your chapter forecast revenues and expenses? Join the webinar to learn all this and more.

WEB060718A Accommodate the Future: How AI can Maximize Your Direct Bookings

June 7, 2018

WEB061218A Reduce Utility Costs at Your Hotels

June 12, 2018

WEB071018A Look Before You Leap: Software Reengineering vs. Replacement

July 10, 2018

WEB071118A Effective Employment Engagement

July 18, 2018

WEB071818A Introduction to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

July 24, 2018

WEB080718A Cyber Liability Insurance: Five Reasons to Consider It

August 10, 2018

WEB082818A Budgeting: Move Towards Automation

August 29, 2018

WEB092618A Digitizing Dollars and Dimes: How Robotics and Cloud-Based Automation are Transforming Cash into Electronic Currency

October 3, 2018

WEB100218A Marketing and Commerce Practices to Drive Revenue

October 3, 2018

WEB101118A Chapter Leadership Series: Chapter Leader Toolkit

October 12, 2018

WEB101618A Cybersecurity

October 17, 2018

WEB111418A Mapping the Travel Journey of the Chinese Tourist

November 15, 2018

WEB111318A Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for the Hospitality Industry

November 16, 2018

WEB121318A Wellness: Buzz Word or Growth Engine?

December 17, 2018

WEB011519A Hospitality Executives - You Deserve the Credit in 2019

January 18, 2019

This session will help you discover a set of tools that will add directly to the bottom line of your property’s operation and, as a bonus, enhance the effectiveness of your compliance activities.”

WEB012219A Moving From Direct Bookings to Direct Relationships

January 22, 2019

WEB012419A Chapter Leadership Series: Overview of Chapter Support from HFTP Global

January 28, 2019

WEB020119A Big Data, Too Much or Too Little

February 5, 2019

WEB020519A The Importance of Net Worth Over Time

February 5, 2019

WEB022019A Chapter Leadership Series: What Are You Serving as a Leader?

February 21, 2019

As a leader, what are you serving today? Answer this question with brutal honesty and you will arrive at the core of your intention and motivation as a leader. This webinar will provide insight into what it means to be a servant leader and explore the critical characteristics essential to being one. It also provides an opportunity to gain a sense of your own development as a servant leader.

WEB021419A Cybersecurity: Knowing the Unknown

February 25, 2019

WEB052119A The Seven Best Practices for Labor Compliance Success

May 24, 2019

WEB060419A All About Cloud-Cloud Adoption: Benefits and Challenges

June 4, 2019

WEB051719A Is your pricing strategy truly optimised?

July 1, 2019

WEB070919A Understanding Pre-Opening Expenditures

July 10, 2019

WEB071819A Cloud Adoption - Benefits and Challenges

July 24, 2019

WEB082219A Chapter Leadership Series: Planning a Chapter Meeting

August 23, 2019

HFTP Meetings and Events team members will provide tips and best practices in planning and hosting a chapter event.

WEB091019A USALI Introduction and Application - China

September 16, 2019

WEB101719A Data Privacy: Mandatory Regulations and How to Protect Your Club or Resort

October 22, 2019

WEB103119A Chapter Leadership Webinar: HFTP Chapter End of the Year Reporting Process

November 1, 2019

WEB111919A IRS Focus Areas for 2019 for Clubs

November 21, 2019

WEB01UHA Top 3 Strategies to Attract Outbound Chinese Travelers

December 4, 2019

WEB02UHA Virtual Reality Employee Training Webinar

December 6, 2019

WEB03UHA How Does 5G Affect Hotel

December 6, 2019

WEB120519A What's Trending for Hotels Including a Focus on Qualified Opportunity Zones

December 6, 2019